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Is there anything you can’t do with cauliflower? It creates crispy pizza crusts, cheesy gnocchi, and silky mashed “potatoes.” It’s also the secret ingredient I sneak into every single one of my smoothie recipes! 

I add at least 1/2c of frozen cauliflower to every smoothie because:

  • It’s tasteless

  • It adds creaminess and bulk, and is a great banana substitute

  • It ensures I’m starting my day with a serving of veggies

  • It adds tons of Vitamin C and fiber, as well as Vitamin K, B6 and antioxidants


No, You Can’t Taste The Cauliflower

When I first heard that people were adding cauliflower to their smoothies, I was totally grossed out. Like most people, I prefer my blueberry smoothies without the slightly bitter aftertaste of cruciferous veggies. Then I did the 7-day version of the Clean Program which required me to have banana-less smoothies for both breakfast and dinner.  

By dinnertime on day 2, I was really missing the bananas. Without them, my smoothies were thin and watery, and didn’t make me feel particularly full. I wasn’t about to quit a program I’d spent over $100 to try, so I headed to Whole Foods and snagged a bag of frozen cauliflower. The results were truly transformative. Thanks to the extra veg, my smoothies increased in volume, and I got the creaminesss I craved without deviating from the program. 

I immediately started sneaking cauliflower into every single smoothie I made for our family. That was two years ago, and Scott only caught onto the fact that his favorite cherry smoothie contained cauliflower last week! (This earned an eye roll from James whose daily job it is to plop each pre-measured ingredient into the blender.)


Want to give it a try? Head over to Instagram for my Cherry, Green, and Chocolate Adaptogen smoothies. You’ll likely notice I’m back to adding bananas. This is a matter of personal preference because I enjoy a little sweetness in the morning. Feel free to omit the nanners and just add more cauli!