About Me

I'm Christine Tusher, a Bay Area writer, editor, and content creator. I've devoured my city and digested my experiences into killer content as Deputy Editor of Rundown.com, earned accolades as a writer and producer for CBS Newsradio in San Francisco and Los Angeles, created engaging  blog posts for 14 million eyeballs at Houzz.com, and am now shifting my professional focus toward my passion for health and wellness.

Fresh + Lively is my outlet for sharing a more intimate and personal take on that space. I think wellness has just as much to do with mindset as it does with choosing organic or doing yoga. It's about knowing what feeds you --  whether that's fashion, food, fitness or even french fries -- feeling secure in those things, and then turning that joy outward.

Whether I'm writing a reported piece or posting to this blog, my goal is to connect with others to grow awareness and share knowledge about healthy, balanced living. Fresh + Lively is what that looks like for me.

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